Our shrink wrapping machine is designed in an L-shape, this machine features automatic carton feeding, film dispensing, sealing, cutting and shrink wrapping. It comes with both in-feed and out-feed conveyor, film dispensing system, sealing &cutting bar and shrink tunnel. This machine is to shrink wrap different type of product in carton. It is ideal for medium to high volume packing needs.

Operating Principle

  • The carton that to be shrink wrapped is placed on moving conveyor belt
  • The carton will pass through the film roll by a pusher and the PE film will be subsequently cut and sealed from two opposite sites. The film roll is at the top and bottom of the machine
  • Once the sleeve is formed, it enters a heat shrink tunnel where the film is then tightly shrunk
  • At the exit of shrink tunnel, a cooling fan is installed to shrink the shape quickly
  • Lastly, the carton will be conveyed out with the aid of out-feed roller conveyor


  • Reliability – Low Maintenance & Stable Operation
  • Durability – Made of high grade of stainless steel
  • Special Cut and Seal Bar – Produce fine cutting and sealing without sticking
  • Film Feeding – Automatic film dispensing to minimize wastage
  • Heat Tunnel – Provide sufficient heat to produce fine shrink wrap effect
  • Electric Control Panel – Easy to operate
  • Machine Orientation – Left or Right

Technical Specification